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Technology Tools for Teachers


Technology Tools for Teachers

Your One-Stop Shop for all things Ed Tech!

Take a look at the resources available to help you transform your classroom into a digital learning environment!  Click on the tool you want to learn more about to navigate to the page!




More Helpful Guides!

Fabulous Forms: Tips & Tricks

Learn how you can use Forms in your classroom from everything to formative assessments to flipping your instruction!

Got Google Slides? Keep Using Them with PowerPoint!

Take a look at the video here to learn how to take all those Google Slides you've collected over the years and keep them interactive for your students!

Bonus tip: Learn how to upload them into our LMS!

Navigating Nearpod for Student Engagement!

This presentation will introduce you to Nearpod and how awesome it is for student engagement, reflection, and formative assessment.