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Summer Inspiration

Putnam County Charter School System

Summer Inspiration/Semester 2024


Begins Monday June 3rd and ends Thursday July 18th, 4 days a week for 6 weeks. 

There will be no camps the week of July 1st - 5th.

Registration Dates:

- April 15th thru 19th - 8:00 am - 3:30 pm (Drop-in Registration) at Putnam County Board of Education

To hear more information on our Summer Inspiration Program, please listen to our Putnam Proud Podcast here.



  • Provide positive extended activities through summer with continued intellectual and social development.
  • Provide opportunities for Putnam County Charter School System students to expand the amount of time for learning, especially for the purpose of improving academic achievement and reducing learning loss, learning gaps and achievement gaps.
  • Encourage student to try new experiences and be able to demonstrate a new skill of knowledge gained.
  • Develop self-confidence and self-respect and an appreciation of their own worth as individuals.
  • Learn to share new knowledge with teachers, peers and family and use summer experiences as an opportunity to strengthen relationships.
  • Provide opportunities to lead others and demonstrate positive communication skills for encouraging others, sharing ideas and building friendships.
  • Develop the ability to make educated decisions in life and positive future choices at school and home.
  • Support the community by providing positive summer activities available to all students of the Putnam County Charter School System.
  • Provide opportunities for Putnam County Charter School System staff to share their skills and knowledge of a personal passion for learning with students.
  • Provide opportunities for Putnam County Charter School System high school students to develop employment skills and job responsibilities while working with younger students.


Summer Inspiration Links

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