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The Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) Program prepares high school cadets for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities and privileges as an American citizen. The program is a stimulus for promoting graduation from high school and provides instruction and rewarding opportunities, which will benefit the cadet, community and nation.  The JROTC department has instruction in leadership techniques, citizenship effective communications, land navigation, marksmanship, American Military history, and physical fitness.
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Course Descriptions & Syllabus

JROTC I - Leadership Education & Training 1

Course No : 28.0310004
Grade Level : 9-12
Credit : 1 Elective Unit
(Fall Semester)
(Spring Semester by Department Waiver)

LET 1 will introduce cadets to leadership techniques and develop basic citizenship skills. Subjects include : basic leadership, citizenship, effective communications, land navigation, marksmanship, American military history, and physical fitness.

JROTC II - Leadership Education & Training II

Course No : 28.0320004

Prerequisites : LET I

Grade Level : 10-12

Credit : 1 Elective Unit
(Fall Semester)

LET II builds on the leadership skills learned in LET I. Students will be placed in leadership roles and be able to apply what they have learned. Subjects include : career preparation, modern technology, intermediate leadership, teaching techniques and intermediate land navigation.

JROTC III - Leadership Education & Training III

Course No : 28.0330004

Prerequisites : LET II

Grade Level : 11-12

Credit : 1 Elective Unit
(Fall Semester)

LET III is the application phase of skills and knowledge acquired in LET I and II. Students serve in advance leadership positions and begin to learn the role of a leader in planning and execution of an idea. This course introduces health occupations, covers career exploration, post secondary options and basic heath and disease prevention information. This course will be taught at Elbert Memorial Hospital by certified health care staff. They begin to apply teamwork theory and counseling methods. Subjects include : advanced leadership techniques, advanced communication skills, advanced navigation, and first aid.

JROTC IV - Leadership Education & Training IV

Course No : 28.0340004

Prerequisites : LET III

Grade Level : 12

Credit : 1 Elective Unit
(Fall Semester)

LET IV is the capstone JROTC course. It provides extensive instruction in command, staff functions, and advance leadership techniques. Senior cadets are assigned primary leadership positions and allowed to apply learned skills and techniques. They learn advanced planning and organizational skills.

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