Putnam County Charter School System

Education for sustainable development is about the learning needed to maintain and improve our quality of life and the quality of life of generations to come. It is about equipping individuals, communities, groups, businesses and government to live and act sustainably; as well as giving them an understanding of the environmental, social and economic issues involved. It is about preparing for the world in which we will live in the next century, and making sure that we are not found wanting.


The mission of the Putnam County School System is to assist all student in acquiring knowledge, fostering aspirations and developing life skills that will empower them to become self-directing, productive and contributing members of a global society.


A school system in which students, staff and community learn, grow and work together to embrace the future.


*Students come first.
*A good education prepares students to achieve a successful and purposeful life.
*Education is a responsibility shared by the students, home, school and community.
*Honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility and compassion are essential to a healthy and productive environment.
*The development of the whole person socially, physically, intellectually and emotionally is imperative.
*Involving people in decisions that impact their lives promotes ownership, commitment, action , a sense of value and pride.
*A rigorous, standards-based curriculum and specialized programs are the foundations for success in literacy, career/work and life skills.
*Competence in technology is critical for equal access to communication and information.
*Highly qualified staff motivates and empower students to reach their maximum potential.
*It is important to build, nurture and sustain relationships with students, colleagues, parents and community.
*Communication is a key component in a successful school system.